As a leader in flight instruction, we offer an exclusive 10-hour tailwheel endorsement course. During this course you will learn how to fly the traditional or conventional landing gear aircraft. The tailweels, as they have been called, offer a distinct challenge in ground handling and in the takeoff/landing segments. We recommend this course to both students and experienced pilots as a skill builder and advanced handling trainer.



American Champion Super Decathlon

  • Shorter, symmetrical wing for aerobatics
  • 180HP AEIO-360 aerobatic engine
  • 130MPH cruise speed
  • Advanced tailwheel


Our syllabus begins with ground handling and taxi procedures and handling the aircraft in flight with a stick rather than yoke. We quickly advance to emergency procedures and the three point landing. As you progress you will be landing the aircraft in the wheel landing (main wheels) configuration. To finish the course you will be learning performance handling including precision landings, emergency landings, short/soft field takeoffs and landings as well as grass field operations. At the end of the course you will receive a tailwheel endorsement in your logbook that will allow you to fly tailwheel aircraft.


We offer the tailwheel course at an hourly rate. See the rates link for pricing. For more information about training with us, please call us at 817-430-0005 or stop by for a tour.