G1000 Training

The Garmin G1000 Glass Cockpit

The G1000 is one of the most sophisticated cockpit environments ever installed on General Aviation aircraft. The integrated system presents all aircraft information on two large 10.4 inch displays including:

  • Primary Flight Display
  • Engine/ Systems Management package
  • Multifunction Navigation Display
  • Dual GPS
  • XMRadio weather download and overlays
  • Attitude and Heading Reference System
  • Coupled Autopilot
  • Integrated Avionics Suite

Transition Training

The exciting, new technology appears in an increasing number of general aviation airplanes and is getting aircraft owners interested in upgrading their own cockpits with more advanced avionics. Operating these complex systems, however, raises concerns with the FAA and the insurance industry about proficiency and safety. Therefore, Marcair offers transition training to meet these new challenges. Our syllabus is geared toward the G1000 specifically, however many of today's modern cockpits share similarities in operation and functionality. A full transition course involves as much as 5 hours training time for VFR operations and 10 hours of training time for IFR operations.

Private / Instrument Pilots

As part of our training syllabus, both Private and Instrument Courses incorporate the new glass cockpit. Students will be able to fly on both standard gauge and G1000 platforms. Upon completion of the certificate with us the students will be proficient with the use of the G1000 within the scope of their training.